The life cycle of smart products

13 April, 2018 News

The era of “smart” and networked products has already begun. More and more commercial products incorporate information and data into tiny embedded data elements (PEID), commonly known as RFID tags as well as in sensors of all kinds. These data and information play a key role in the life cycle of a product and, if appropriately exploited, can contribute to the sustainability of the entire production process.

This is the main research interest of Dimitrios Kyritsis, Director of Research and Applications in Digital Technology for Sustainable Production, and member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the Lausanne Federal School of Engineering in Switzerland (EPFL). The Greek scientist has a long academic course – in the past he has taught at the University of Cincinnati, USA and at the University of Technology in Compiègne, France – and an extensive research experience.

As President of IFIP WG5.7 (Working Group on Advanced Production Management Systems), Professor Kyritsis proposes a holistic approach to the life cycle of products in the manufacturing industry. In his talk at Athens Science Festival 2018, he will refer to the potential of expanding PEIDs to a wider range of applications beyond the supply chain and retail networks. At the same time, information will be exchanged throughout the life cycle of a product between producers, designers, distributors and consumers.

Dimitrios Kyritsis’ talk at the Athens Science Festival will focus on these perspectives as well as on the side-effects that arise for modern societies and economies.

Title: Digital technologies and sustainability || Date & Time: 27 April, 20.00- 20.50
 Live streaming service will be available through DIAVLOS.