When stress is good, when it is bad, and when it is catastrophic

6 April, 2016 News

Can we deal with it?
Can it stress be beneficial?

For more than 30 years now, George Chrousos, Professor and Chairman of the First Department of Paediatrics at the Athens University Medical School has been a pioneer in the study of stress. From understanding its functions and the mechanisms through which it affects the human organism to the methods of its treatment and prevention, Dr. Chrousos’ scientific research has influenced generations of scientists and has changed our perspective and the way we see stress.

With his lecture “Stress and Everyday Life” at the Athens Science Festival, on Friday 8 April, Dr Chrousos will help us understand when stress is good, when it is bad, and when it is catastrophic. Dr Chrousos argues that “nature is not destiny and psychological and somatic resilience to stress is attainable if we really strive for it!”