Save life on Earth | The new exciting escape room of the Athens Re-Science Festival

22 March, 2019 News

How would you react if humanity and life as we know it, were under the threat of extinction? Would you take action to prevent disaster?

Humanity is in danger at this year’s Athens Re-Science Festival escape room! Adrenaline is pumping and science seems to be the only solution. A series of major industrial accidents has poisoned the planet’s water resources! People drink water with poisonous substances without being able to separate it from the pure. You and your team enter the U.S. Synthetic Biology Lab and take action! Your aim is to create a microorganism that identifies poisonous substances in water. Time is up! Will you manage to assemble the DNA of the microorganism that can save mankind?


Save life on Earth // 3-7 April  // Interactive Exhibition
Curation: Filippos Tourlomoussis, MIT, Patricia Stathatou, MIT

With the support of the U.S. Embassy in Athens.