Can a virus be therapeutic for us?

17 March, 2017 News

What is it that distinguishes the brain so much from any other part of the body? “Without a doubt, its anatomy!” neuroscientist Clifford Kentros claims. When the anatomy of the entire human body cannot even remotely reach the complexity of the anatomy of the brain, then what kind of “weapons” do scientists have in their disposal in order to fight neurological and psychiatric diseases? “A virus!” Kentros suggests. Kentros holds a position as, Professor of Medicine in the University of Science and Technology of Norway, an Associate of Norwegians May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser (Medicine Nobel prize 2014).

Title: Bugs in the Brain ||Date & Time: 30 Μarch, 19.00-19.50

Professor Clifford Kentros’ talk is supported by the Norwegian embassy and the Norwegian Institute of Athens.