Humane at Athens Science Festival’s interactive exhibition

2 March, 2016 News

Humane has a unique event at this year’s Athens Science Festival:

Humane, design in the service of human

A startup company, with design as its foundation stone, composed of young people from different scientific expertise with social awareness: this is Humane, where sustainable systems are designed for vulnerable groups. It is an umbrella that encompasses Human Ability and Human Reaction. In Human Ability we design specialised health and care services, whilst creating products for the financial support of these services through Human Reaction. Our call is for every citizen to have a positive reaction. We begin with the Breath Products, which economically support the services for patients with Cystic Fibrosis, starting with the Breath Box! We are waiting for your own reaction!

Co-Founders – Humane: Kontopidis Dimitris, Graphic Designer (TEI of Athens Graduate) & Architecture Student (Senior Student at NTUA), Nasioulas Achilleas, Architecture Student (Senior Student at NTUA), Tzoutzidis Nathanael, Architecture Student (Senior Student at NTUA), Kerameianakis Nicolaos, Architecture Student (Senior Student at NTUA), Kalaphati Nana, Dietitian-Nutritionist, Ph.D.(cand), Karapatouha Vicky, Physiotherapist (TEI of Lamia Graduate), Arvanitaki Maria, businesswoman
Members/ Volunteers – Humane: Lampada Angeliki, Architect NTUA, Theodorakis Elias, Architecture Student (Senior Student at NTUA), Kosmadaki Ariadne, Pharmacist (University of Patras Graduate).