Bioeconomy | A promising response to the challenges we face

29 March, 2019 News

Major societal challenges such as natural resource exhaustion, energy depletion, limited food resources, environmental degradation and climate change, require a new form of development, such as this of bio-economy and of circular economy based on modern technologies which will mimic nature. The transition to this form of development also concerns our country. In order to achieve this goal, we need to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the world that surrounds us.

With this vision and in order to welcome the Ministry of Environment and Energy in the organisers of this year´s festival, Athens Science Festival 2019 is coming with an exciting program that is designed to change the way we think and live and we face our everyday life.

Dionysis Assimakopoulos and Fragiskos Kolisis, Professors at the NTUA, and Dr. Electra Papadopoulou from the Greek Bioeconomy Forum will explore the best ways of managing natural resources and how bioeconomy is a promising response to the challenges we face.
Topic of the discussion: 
Major environmental challenges and bio-economy || Date & Time: Friday, April 5th, 6 pm

Professors Dimitrios Kouretas and Giorgos Skarakis, along with molecular biologist and journalist Spyros Manouselis, will discuss the applications of the exciting and controversial, at the same time, the science of biotechnology. Biotechnology plays a key role for bioeconomy thus the aim of the discussion will be to provide accurate information on related environmental, ethical and practical issues. The debate will be coordinated by Professor Emeritus Frangiskos Kolissis.
Topic of the discussion: Biotechnology: Panacea or Pandora’s box? || Date & Time: Friday, April 5th, 7 pm.

Vasilis Liogkas, Mechanical Engineer, Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, and coordinator of the inter-ministerial project management team for the cyclical economy, will present the actions of the country’s business plan for the next two years.
Talk Title: The National Strategy for cyclical economy || Date & Time: Saturday, April 6th, 19.00

Launching new strategies related to bio-economy and the cyclical economy is also being discussed on the round table titled “A new business model for a sustainable planet” Prof. Konstantina Kottaridis, Director of the Master Program in Bioeconomy and of the Laboratory of Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development, Panagiotis Kollas CEO & Founder – UNISCRAP, Eleni Spanidis, Environmental Technician – APIVITA SA and architect Spiros Kizis – Kizi Design Studio, will discuss how both business and productivity could work better and develop in our country, with illustrative examples.
Round Table Title: A new business model for a sustainable planet || Date & time: Sunday, April 7th, 18.00.

Antonis Kokosis, Professor at the School of Chemical Engineering of the NTUA, and Xenophon Bakouras, Environmental Engineer and Special Advisor of the Deputy Minister of Economy and Development, will show us that by adopting technological changes and by converting research investment into innovative business ideas as well as maintaining leadership in low carbon dioxide emissions and in cyclical economy, we will be able to properly prepare the foundation for a smart, innovative and sustainable industry. The discussion will be coordinated by Vasilis Liogkas, Mechanical Engineer and Advisor of the Deputy Minister for the Environment and Energy.
Round Table Title: Investing in smart, innovative and sustainable industry || Date & time: Sunday, April 7th, 19.00.

Could bioeconomy be a promising response to the challenges we face nowadays? Find out the answer in Athens Re-Science Festival!