Will Artificial Intelligence Take Our Jobs?

10 October, 2023 News

Have you ever thought that Artificial Intelligence could free us from tedious tasks and offer us more leisure time? Or do you believe it might “violently” take our jobs and lead to the disappearance of professions and poverty? Which of these scenarios is more likely?

At the Athens Science Festival on Thursday, October 12th at 09:00, we will have the opportunity to attend an intriguing speech titled “Will Artificial Intelligence take our jobs?

Arthur Clarke, a British science fiction writer, believed that our goal for the future should be full unemployment. In this way, we would have endless free time to engage in creative activities, games, and relaxation. This could be possible if Artificial Intelligence and robots took over laborious and time-consuming tasks, freeing humans from them. As a result, productivity among members of society would increase, ultimately leading to overall prosperity. This perspective contrasts with the prevailing view in public discourse, which describes a new technology that will “violently” take away our jobs and lead us into poverty.

In the end, does this development depend on us? How can we contribute to making the optimistic scenario a reality?

Speaker: Alkis Gounaris, Research Associate, Department of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. 

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Come to the Athens Science Festival to discuss contemporary issues and shape our future!

Thursday, October 12th | Venue: Amphitheatre | 09:00 – 10:00