The Athena Research Center with numerous activities at ASF23!

9 October, 2023 News

The Athena Research Center, a pioneer in research, science, and innovation, actively participates in this year’s festival with multifaceted activities for all ages. We will have the opportunity to meet researchers from the Athena RC up close, who will introduce us to some of their most impressive achievements and cutting-edge technological developments.

Workshops for kids

Do you want to explore the technologies of artificial intelligence and their applications in the school environment? In the event “Who’s Afraid of Artificial Intelligence?” students aged 12-16 will see how AI is applied in education through presentations, discussions, and demonstrations of applications like ChatGPT. They will also use an interactive AI application for activities related to their subjects. This program is organised by the Institute For Language and Speech Processing. Thursday, October 12 | 09:00 – 09:45 | INNOVATHENS

Would you like to discover the vast wealth of myths from Macedonia and Thrace? Come to the unique workshop “A Mythical World Awaits You!“, that combines our cultural heritage with contemporary tourist routes, creating modern “tools” for educators. You will discover open scenarios, games, environmental awareness activities, and activities that will enhance young people’s social and emotional intelligence. Tuesday, October 10 | 09:00 – 09:45 | INNOVATHENS

In the pioneering activity “Make Your Life Sustainable!” we will explore the innovative PS-Lifestyle application, which calculates our carbon footprint. After providing all the necessary information, like those related to our diet, entertainment, and transportation, the application proposes solutions that lead to a more sustainable lifestyle. Come and join us in designing the application together! Tuesday, October 10 – Thursday, October 12 | 09:00 – 14:00 | Central Courtyard

STEM Career Session

How is it possible for scientific knowledge, methods, and evidence to be available and accessible to everyone? In the workshop “Open Science: Upgrade your skills“, organized by the Athena Research Center in collaboration with OpenAIRE, we will enhance essential skills needed by modern scientists to contribute to the sharing and dissemination of information. Wednesday, October 11 | 17:00 – 17:50 | Purifiers

The Corallia unit of the Athena Research Center will present the STARTAB initiative, implemented in collaboration with Prince’s Trust International, which supports youth entrepreneurship. In the event “STARTAB: Become the next future entrepreneur“, you will discover the program that supports for free young people aged 18-35 to plan and develop their business ideas. Wednesday, October 11 | 20:00 – 20:50 | Purifiers

Workshops for Educators

The workshop “Education and ChatGPT” aims to familiarize educators with new technologies that can improve the educational process. Based on the results of the AI4Edu project (ERASMUS-LS), the Athena Research Center is conducting this pioneering action. We will explore the interactive assistant capable of performing various tasks and facilitating the work of educators. Wednesday, October 11 | 17:00 – 18:50 | INNOVATHENS

Come to the Athens Science Festival to explore science, technology, and innovation through the activities of the Athena Research Center.

Tuesday, October 10th – Thursday, October 12th | Technopolis City of Athens