Every child (young and old) counts the stars

14 September, 2023 News

The night sky, with its countless little lights that twinkle and shimmer in the black backdrop, presents a mesmerizing and captivating sight. From the earliest astronomers who characterized and named celestial bodies to the modern-day scientists and astronomy enthusiasts, the boundless “ocean” of stars is a field of observation capable of maintaining one’s interest for hours. But how can we distinguish the celestial wonders we observe while looking skywards?

At this year’s Athens Science Festival, we will embark on an unforgettable journey into the dark starry sky. We invite you to the central courtyard of the Technopolis City of Athens, on Tuesday and Wednesday after 21:00, to observe the brightest celestial objects thought the telescopes of the “Dioskouroi” Astronomy Society of Spata and the Astronomy and Astrophysics Society of Western Greece “Hercules”

With the guidance of scientists, we will have the opportunity to explore the “watery” constellations of autumn and the brightest planets of the Athenian sky, that are visible during this period, such as Jupiter and Saturn. Though skymaping with lasers, we will navigate among planets, nebulae and star clusters, and get answers to any questions that arise.

Join us at the Athens Science Festival to participate in this unique experience and connect with the magical world of stargazing!

Tuesday, October 10 – Wednesday, October 11, 2023 | Venue: Central courtyard | 21:00