Exploring the “Blue Heart of Europe” through the lens of Nick St.Oegger

20 March, 2024 News

The Western Balkans are home to some of Europe’s last pristine rivers, with a prime example being the Aoös / Vjosa, which flows through Greece and Albania. The unique natural beauty of this landscape, the close cultural connections between local communities and the rivers, and the challenges posed by the more than 3,500 hydroelectric projects across the region, are the focus of documentary photographer and National Geographic explorer Nick St.Oegger.

Exploring the Aoös – or Vjosa in Albanian – as well as other rivers in the region since 2017, Nick comes to the Athens Science Festival to share with us not only photos, but also his experiences and reflections, and discuss the growing campaign to save the so called “Blue Heart of Europe”.

Guided by his strong interest in reshaping the visual narrative of the Balkans, Nick St.Oegger will unfold through his photographic documentary a Tale of Change, that sheds light on the unique natural and cultural heritage of a region still largely defined by conflict.

About Nick St.Oegger

Nick St.Oegger is a documentary photographer and National Geographic Explorer based between Belfast, Northern Ireland and Tirana, Albania. He has been working throughout the Western Balkans since 2013 and his photography explores the close relationship between people and the environment.

Sunday 21 April 2024 | Miltiades Evert Auditorium | Time: 17:30

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