Geitonas School with various activities at the Athens Science Festival

11 October, 2023 News

This year’s Athens Science Festival features the active participation of Geitonas School, with numerous exciting activities that will captivate science and technology enthusiasts. High school students, guided by their experienced teachers, have prepared impressive experiments and educational activities.

One of the questions that has always intrigued humanity is the existence of life on distant planets. In the “Searching for Exoplanets” activity, we will discover how scientists strive to answer this ever-relevant question and whether life is beyond Earth. Do you know what exoplanets are, how big they are, and how we detect them? Join us for a unique space journey!

In the interactive exhibition titled “The Future of the Planet Is in Our Hands!” we will explore the causes of climate change and the strategies to deal with it. Through interactive experiments, board games, and virtual reality videos, we will view contemporary issues differently. Why is the planet’s temperature rising, and which human activities contribute to this phenomenon? What is the “invisible problem” related to carbon dioxide? In this unique activity, we will discover how we can be part of the solution and create a better future for the planet and all of us.

Through an Augmented Reality (AR) applications exhibition, we will see how “Chemistry is cool!” after all. What are its applications in daily life, and how does it relate to the future of the world and our own? The Festival’s young visitors will have the opportunity to see the magical world of Chemistry come to life before their eyes. Come and explore the Nobel of Chemistry, famous Chemists and research centers, watch videos, animations, and experiments, and get informed about health, nutrition, the economy, and the environment. All this and much more in an exhibition dedicated to Chemistry!

Come to the Athens Science Festival to discover the worlds of Astronomy, the Environment, and Chemistry through the activities of Geitonas School.

Wednesday, October 11th – Thursday, October 12th | Machine-works and New Retorts | 09:00 – 14:00