National Geographic Explorer Dr. Tom Matthews shares his Tales of Climate Change at Athens Science Festival 2024

7 March, 2024 News

Who is not worried about climate change? What is happening today on planet Earth and what does each next day hold for us? How can human imagination contribute to the challenge of technology to explore the extremes of our future climate?

These and many other questions are expected to be raised at the stage of the Athens Science Festival 2024 by National Geographic Explorer Dr. Tom Matthews. Through his own Tale of Change, entitled Peering over the climate precipice with tales of future weather, Dr. Matthews will explore some of the biggest concerns of society regarding climate change.

In addition, he will introduce us to the science of predicting the weather conditions that are expected to prevail in the not-so-distant future of the planet, drawing on his research on mapping the limits of the Earth’s climate envelope and chart its course as it is shifted by human-caused climate change.

And even though this field seems particularly “technical,” according to Dr. Matthews, human imagination can play a decisive role – acting complementary to technology, as we as a human species are called upon to explore what lies beyond the climate precipice from which we are about to jump.

About Dr. Tom Matthews

Dr. Tom Matthews is a National Geographic Explorer, faculty member, and UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellow at King’s College London. As a scientist, he is concerned with the social impacts of climate change, focusing on extreme weather events, while as a National Geographic Explorer, he has led a series of expeditions of notable high-alpine environments including Mount Everest.

Thursday 18 April 2024 | Miltiades Evert Auditorium | Time: 19:30

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