National Geographic Explorer Piero Amodio reveals just how smart octopuses are

20 March, 2024 News

Octopuses are a natural source of inspiration for depictions of intelligent aliens, and with good reason! Three hearts, blue blood, and the uncanny ability to squeeze through spaces the size of their eyeballs – who can argue with that? On the other hand, these strange creatures are so intelligent that they can solve puzzles, use tools and even escape from seemingly secure containers!

The above knowledge has become the property of all of us through the research of pioneering men and women, including Piero Amodio. As a Behavioral Ecology and Evolution Scientist, Piero has studied the behavior of many animals, including octopuses. In this context, he is coming to the Athens Science Festival to talk to us about “How smart is an octopus?”.

And, without a doubt, he has a lot to share with us: Because as a resourceful National Geographic Explorer, Piero Amodio collaborates with Mexican fishermen to study the Harlequin, the Larger Striped Pacific Octopus, an elusive species exhibiting unique social features. In addition, our speaker is leading a multidisciplinary team of biologists, robotics and storytellers to unveil octopus collaborative hunting with fish in Australia and Italy.

How smart is an octopus? A Tale of Change that will permanently and irrevocably transform the way you perceive octopuses, by National Geographic Explorer Piero Amodio.

About Piero Amodio

Piero Amodio is a permanent staff scientist at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Italy. He holds a PhD in Comparative Psychology (Univ. Cambridge), a MSc in Anthropology (Univ. Zurich) and MSc in Animal Behavior (Univ. Firenze).

Wednesday 17 April 2024 | Miltiades Evert Auditorium | Time: 20:45

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