Troopy, the humanoid robot, in our interactive exhibition

11 March, 2016 News

‘Τroopy’ is an open source, life-size, fully-functional humanoid robot constructed by high school student Dimitris Chatzis. ‘Troopy’ has been 3D-printed exclusively from Dimitris’ own three-dimensional printer, and consists of 475 pieces, 28 servo-motors, 2 speakers, xbox-kinect, HD web-cam and many more. All this allows him to speak, follow you with his eyes, imitate almost all movements of the human body, but more importantly, he can be programmed to carry out your most creative idea!

It took a whole year of systematic and daily hard work, more than a kilometre ABS plastic and over 1400 hours of printing, assembly, planning and experimentation. Dimitris Chatzis is now one of the few makers that operate an Android robot ‘InMoov’ in the world and is simultaneously the youngest of them!

So come and meet Dimitris and Troopy in the interactive exhibition of Athens Science Festival οn the 8, 9 and 10 April!

InMooν‘ is an open hardware and open source global project, which enables each maker to create and develop this humanoid as part of a broader creative community without borders.