Relax and release | Pursuing the freedom of movement

18 March, 2019 News

“Relax and Release” is an interactive installation designed by Kimatica Studio to encourage movement and play and to amaze people of all age groups! It is a special digital experience that promotes freedom of movement, engaging the public on a journey of creativity, where movements, sounds and images are combined in a harmonic way to produce a unique result.

The “Relax and Release” installation invites us to regain our lost creativity and to embark on a participatory experience aiming to enhance the connection with the emotional, abstract, mysterious and perhaps also magical aspects of the human body and mind. The surrounding space is adjusted to facilitate exploration of the body’s movement without constraints or directions and to create a safe space for our creativity to bloom.

The only condition to achieve this connection is to relax and immerse on the colourful visuals and ambient sounds of Relax and Release.

The participation of Kimatica Studio at the Athens Re-Science Festival 2019 with the interactive installation “Relax and Release” is supported by the British Council and the British Embassy in Athens, on the occasion of British Council’s 80 years anniversary celebrations in Greece. 


Relax and Release | 3-7 April 2019 | Art exhibition