Role Model 01: Become Your Own Hero!

9 October, 2023 News

We’ve all drawn inspiration from the biographies and stories of remarkable individuals who excelled in their fields. They are role models who set high goals and made their dreams come true! At Homo Ludens, they believe that everyone can become a role model, and invite you to a unique workshop.

Join us at the Athens Science Festival on Wednesday, October 11th, at 20:00 for the “Speed Mentoring & Consulting: Road to success” workshop organized by the Homo Ludens team. 

During this workshop, you’ll have the unique opportunity to engage in brief one-on-one conversations with Career Advisors and mentors from various STEM fields. They will help you discover your talents, interests, and values, empowering you to pursue a future that aligns with your aspirations. You’ll meet accomplished scientists from diverse fields such as Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering who will help you manage your challenges, through their own experience.

In the exciting game “Role Model 01“, which was created by the Homo Ludens team for this workshop and will be available online at any time, you’ll get to know influential figures and draw inspiration from their stories. Join us, have fun, and try to guess the steps taken by individuals who have achieved their goals and are sharing their stories with us.

Follow in their footsteps or chart your unique path based on your distinct skills and talents to become your own role model.

This workshop is organized by Vasia Aletra (Career Advisor) in collaboration with Efthymios Charokopos (Career Advisor and professional Orientation Expert), Katia Makrykosta from the organization Homo Ludens and Olga Georgantza.

Join us at the Athens Science Festival and “shape your future”!

Wednesday, October 11th | Venue: Purifiers | 20:00 – 20:50