The American College of Greece invites us to become scientists for a day

9 October, 2023 News

In this year’s Athens Science Festival, dedicated to the field of STEM professions, The American College of Greece couldn’t be missing. With a long history and experience in education overall, along with numerous educational programs in sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics, they have prepared a variety of exciting activities included in their curriculum.

You can become a “Scientist for a Day” and discover a plethora of activities that will immerse you in the magical world of science. Through exhibits, demonstration experiments, and games, we will get a fresh perspective on crucial issues such as climate change, biodiversity, and environmental protection. Moreover, the experienced team of The American College of Greece will guide us through the life sciences, biomedicine, biotechnology, and computer sciences for those interested in careers in these fields. We will also have the opportunity to witness experimental 5G wireless communication devices based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology.

In more detail, the activities include:

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Department of Science and Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Biomolecular Sciences and Student Association.

Observe our world with microscopes and stereoscopes: plants, soil invertebrates, sand, and even microplastics | Decolorize your vegetables | Create medicines | Learn about the biodiversity of Mount Hymettus and how to use the university campus as a living laboratory.

Forecast Sounding and Ozone Sounding: Demonstration of modern equipment for monitoring climate and meteorological parameters at different altitudes in the troposphere and stratosphere | First contact with ground-based instruments used to monitor the protective ozone layer.

Live experiments | Educational games

Center of Excellence in Sustainability: Femininities & Inclusion in STEM.

SWIFT LAB: FIREMAN – Data Collection Hub: An autonomous data collection node based on integrated solar collectors with sensors for temperature, humidity, and light intensity. Data can be recorded using either a graphical user interface or an app. The project aims to be energy-autonomous and wireless for use in industry, drones, or agricultural applications.

Cybersecurity & Networks: Hacking process in a controlled environment. Live methods and techniques used by hackers to exploit information.

IT & Pierce: Autonomous mini racing vehicles, programmed by Pierce students and supported by Deree students, compete on virtual tracks with specific parameters.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Technopolis City of Athens for an educational “journey” into the STEM field. 

 Tuesday October 10th – Thursday October 12th | Venue: Machine-works | 09:00 – 14:00