The American Community Schools of Athens at the Athens Science Festival 

9 October, 2023 News

In this year’s Athens Science Festival, the American Community Schools of Athens (ACS Athens) has prepared a variety of activities that promise to captivate us all. They will present live experiments and interactive exhibits, that will answer a plethora of questions regarding scientific matters while making science both fun and comprehensible. 

In the “Hand Sanitizer: Production & Packaging” activity, you’ll discover the entire process of producing a chemical product that we encounter everywhere in our daily lives. Guided by their experienced teachers, ACS Athens students will demonstrate all stages of creating a hand sanitizer, from mixing the raw materials to packaging and marketing the product.

Have you ever wondered about chemical reactions and how substances change colors right before your eyes? In the impressive Chemistry experiments “Colors and Chemistry“, IB (International Baccalaureate) students will reveal the mysteries behind reactions deemed “indecisive”, the reason why a cake tours sour, and much more!

Ever questioned if our sense of taste is dictated by our tongues? What happens when we have a cold, and all foods taste bland? In the activity “A Gourmet Science Sensation“, we will discover how the message of taste is transmitted to the brain through an incredible gastronomic experience!

At the “Brain Game Lab!” activity, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a Brain Power badge and be crowned Brain Superheroes! Through interactive games, participants will uncover the brain’s three superpowers, learn how to activate them and understand their impact on skills such as flexible thinking and self-control. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the mysteries of the human brain!

At the “Glowing Bacteria” booth, you’ll witness the bright world of Bioluminescence. How do scientists make bacteria glow bright green under ultraviolet (UV) light? Get “enlightened” about this valuable research “tool” and discover the role jellyfish played in its development.

We invite you to the Athens Science Festival, where science becomes entertaining, straightforward, and comprehensible. Come and explore the “magical” side of it!

Tuesday, October 10th – Thursday, October 12th | Venues: New Retorts and Machine-works | 09:00 – 14:00