Hands up (and away from plastics)! The “Plastic Police” through its representative Dr. Imogen Napper is coming to Athens Science Festival 2024

8 March, 2024 News

Since it didn’t exist until today, we had to invent it! And although the “Plastic Police” is a figure of speech, a real Plastic Detective, Dr. Imogen Napper, comes to ASF to investigate a contemporary social and environmental issue and demonstrate how with a small contribution from all of us, it is possible to tackle plastic pollution.

What is the connection between microplastics and facial scrubs? How do we pollute the Earth simply by wearing or washing our clothes? How easily do biodegradable plastic bags decompose? Through her talk entitled “Plastic Detective – Investigating Pollution From Washing Clothes to Earth’s Orbit”, Dr. Napper will reveal unexpected sources of pollution, while providing solutions to reduce it, based on irrefutable evidence. And she will guide us on an investigation that will start from our washing machine and culminate in unexpected findings on the summit of Everest and the Earth’s orbit!

In terms of solving the problem, Dr. Napper approaches our world like a jigsaw puzzle: Looking at the whole problem can be quite overwhelming. However, as Plastic Detective, she has come to the research conclusion that if we work on our own little part the of the jigsaw we can make a difference, while greater environmental commitments are required from industry and governments worldwide.

Hands up (and away from plastics)! Plastic Detective Dr. Imogen Napper is coming to Athens Science Festival 2024.

About Dr. Imogen Napper

Dr. Imogen Napper is a Marine Scientist and National Geographic Explorer. She has been described as a “Plastic Detective” as her research investigates different sources of plastic pollution into the environment, from Earth to Space! Her research revealed that there can be up to 300 million plastic microbeads in a single facial scrub bottle. A revelation that influenced legislation banning plastic microbeads in cosmetics worldwide.

Wednesday 17 April 2024 | Miltiades Evert Auditorium | Time: 19:30

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