Yannis Assael is not afraid of AI and reveals to us how it can be used to serve the greater good

11 March, 2024 News

Who is afraid of Artificial Intelligence? As we witness a remarkable transformation driven by the rapid progress of generative AI, concerns are also being raised about its impact on areas such as work and misinformation, while some even talk about the takeover of the world by intelligent robots! Remember the Matrix or Terminator movie franchises?

However, there are some people who are not afraid of its advance: The perceptive scientists, who are able to envision the future prospects of AI beyond the “noise” of the present. Among them, there is a distinguished Greek researcher, who is coming to the Athens Science Festival to convince us of what a catalyst can become “AI for the Greater Good”.

He is Dr. Yannis Assael, a scientist from Thessaloniki, distinguished for his work in the field of machine learning and AI. As an enthusiastic storyteller, Dr. Assael will pick up the thread of the story from Greece, where he will “guide” us through a series of “moonshot” – ambitious, exploratory and groundbreaking projects. The narrative will continue at the University of Oxford, where the potential of AI in terms of audiovisual recognition and voice creation, as well as their medical applications, will be highlighted. The epilogue of the story will take place at the Google DeepMind research labs in London, where we will discover the contribution of Artificial Intelligence to Genomics, as well as its most recent interdisciplinary extensions in Culture.

Are you afraid of Artificial Intelligence? Surrender to Yannis Assael’s Tale of Change and discover how this new technology can be used to serve the greater good.

About Dr. Yannis Assael

Dr. Yannis Assael is a Greek Staff Research Scientist at Google DeepMind specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Through his scientific work, he has contributed to the fields of artificial intelligence communication systems, audiovisual speech recognition, text-to-speech conversion, and the use of artificial intelligence for Culture and the study of damaged ancient Greek texts.

He is featured in “MIT’s Innovators Under 35” and “Forbes’ 30 Under 30” lists of distinguished scientists in Europe.

Friday 19 April 2024 | Miltiades Evert Auditorium | Time: 20:30

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