Ian Griffiths | How can mathematics help us reopen the world?

11 May, 2023

As the world slowly begins to return to “normality”, how long can pupils safely spend in a classroom if one person is infected? Or how long can patients safely wait in a doctors’ waiting room? Is a supermarket safe?

Mathematical models can give us some answers by predicting the rate of spread of viruses in an indoor space. Ian Griffiths, Professor of Industrial Mathematics, develops models that determine the quantity of SARS-CoV-2 in a room. Based on these models, scientists can decide whether a room needs more or less ventilation and if people in it should talk less.

During his captivating speech titled “How can mathematics help us reopen the world?”, Griffiths also mentions some innovative inventions of air purifiers that could take us back to normality faster.

The discussion was realized in collaboration with the Mediterranean Science Festival and was moderated by Dr. Katerina Kaouri (Cardiff University).