How interesting can Chemistry be?

22 October, 2022 News

Chemistry, as strange as it sounds, is really interesting. We all have encountered the face of theoretical chemistry, and its dos and don’ts. But what if someone introduced it to us in a more practical and fun way?  

Athens Science Festival comes to fulfill this purpose by presenting us with special and fun workshops, exhibits, experiential workshops, and chemistry activities. 

An Exhibition full of Chemistry

The most impressive demonstration experiments will be presented to us by the scientific team of MSc in Chemistry Education, Information and Communication Technology and Education for Sustainable Development. In their action with the title  “Yeah the experiments! We do have them… don’t be alarmed if you see ….strange snakes coming out of the … sand! Not even if a fiery dragon chases you!

The Geology departments of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the University of Patras present us with various minerals and invite us to discover which mineral is hidden in wristwatches and which mineral we brush our teeth with every day. The students from the National Technical University of Athens, like alchemists, introduce us to the magic of Metallurgy and Materials Science by showing us ways to perform experiments with simple everyday objects. Maybe gold will be created too, who knows?

I will launch controlled explosions and rockets from the counter of the Association of Greece Chemists, (Regional Department of Attica and Cyclades), while Science is fun, in collaboration with the Association of Greek Physicists, shows us how sugar turns into a mirror!

The little-“robot-researchers” from the Tsiamoulis Schools present us: Science, STEAM, Experiments & Robotics with simple materials found in a kitchen! The 2nd General Lyceum of Kaisariani introduces us to the world of Electrochemistry by showing us improvised electrolysis devices that each of us can make, and the Middle School Science Club of American Community Schools of Athens will show us the spectral fingerprints of various chemical elements.

Kids Labs

Buckle up for a trip to DNA(!) from the Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy of the University of Patras (Saturday 15:00-16:30) and match minerals with objects of daily use with the help of scientists from the Department of Geology and the Museum of Mineralogy and Petrology of the National and Kapodistrian University Athens.

Chemistry Show

Come and watch the stand-up theater chemistry workshop from Theatronio and Smart Chemistry in the action with the title “Mission ImPossible: Explosive reactions”. At the same time, the Czech Center of Athens & the Czech Embassy of the Czech Republic in Athens organize an impressive show in which the multi-award-winning scientist Michael Londesborough plays with plastic and gives a humorous overview of chemistry.

Art Chemistry

The Czech Center of Athens & the Czech Embassy of the Czech Republic in Athens welcome visitors to this year’s festival with three separate actions. He presents to us the Lidice International Children’s Fine Arts Exhibition, the theme is: “Chemistry“. | 

After all, Chemistry is interesting!

October 21-23 | Athens Science Festival | Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens