‘Tales of Change’ featuring Artificial Intelligence

22 March, 2024 News

Talks, exhibits, and workshops create compelling ‘Tales of Change’ on how AI interacts with the present and shapes the future.

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence? What role does it play in our lives? How can we, as a society, benefit from it? These are just a few of the questions to be highlighted at the 10th edition of the Athens Science Festival, taking place from April 16 to 21 at Technopolis City of Athens. The answers will come through talks, interactive exhibits, and workshops, weaving together captivating ‘Tales of Change’. The focus is on how AI interacts with the present and shapes the future.

Kicking off, the distinguished Greek scientist and researcher at Google DeepMind, Dr. Yannis Assael, will explain to the ASF audience why he is not afraid of AI, revealing how it can be used for the greater good. Additionally, the esteemed researcher Dr. Panagiota Poirazi, Director of Research and head of the Dendrites Lab at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH), will decode the mysteries of biological and artificial intelligence, in an exciting exploration of the wondrous world of brains.

Workshops for all ages

How can Artificial Intelligence technology be utilized in the classroom? How can it lead to the development of a learning model focused on the specific needs of students? Specially designed workshops for educators will highlight AI’s potential in relation to education, such as ‘Education in the ChatGPT Era’ by the Athena Research Center, ‘GenAI: An Assistant for Every Educator’ by 100mentors and Panteion University, and the European program augMENTOR titled ‘Artificial Intelligence and Educators: Allies or Foes?’. Additionally, the Greek Safer Internet Centre of FORTH organizes a workshop for children titled “What is artificial intelligence?” aiming to communicate to the festival’s young visitors the most responsible ways to use it.

Interactive exhibits for the general public

Simultaneously, a series of interactive exhibits will illuminate AI’s multiple possibilities. Among others, the COSMOTE IT Innovation Center will host the robots Inno and Dinno, humanoid robots that dance, greet, speak 14 languages, and have incredible humor. The project Firo by 1st and 2nd High School of Argyroupoli, which uses artificial intelligence for fire detection and prediction. The promotion of reading historical books using AI by “Demokritos” National Center for Scientific Research and the Society for the Dissemination of Beneficial Books and Innews.

Art and Artificial Intelligence

Art is invading new levels of creativity with Artificial Intelligence, developing new forms of expressiveness that combine human inspiration with algorithmic creation. In this evolving landscape, the Athens Science Festival hosts events that showcase the meeting between art and artificial intelligence. In adult workshops like ‘Who wrote it better? Cavafy or the robot?’ by Digital World Summit Greece and ‘Playing music with artificial intelligence’ by the Ionian University, we will explore the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in original literary text and music composition, respectively. Finally, don’t miss the chance to visit Vangelis Evangelou’s photography exhibition ‘OFFshoot’ in a poetic dialogue between emotional and artificial intelligence.

Looking for more ‘Tales of Change’ featuring Artificial Intelligence? Join us from April 16 to 21 at Technopolis City of Athens, with talks, exhibits, and workshops that compose captivating “Stories of Change” on how AI interacts with the present and shapes the future.

The Athens Science Festival 2024 is organized by the educational organization “Science Communication – SciCo”, the British Council, and the Technopolis City of Athens in collaboration with numerous academic, research institutions, and educational organizations with the support of COSMOTE as a Platinum Sponsor.

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